The Best Cure For a Hangover


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PRE|GAME, the anti-hangover energy shot focuses on three main symptoms of alcohol, or a hangover:

1)    Increased Toxicity
2)    Dehydration, and
3)    Nutrient Depletion

So how does one go about formulating the best cure for a hangover? Well, the first obstacle was developing a blend of supplements that work in unison to fend off the toxins introduced by alcohol, specifically, acetaldehyde. The most powerful factor in fending off acetaldehyde is an anti-oxidant by the name of glutathione. Glutathione is naturally formed by your body; however, it is rapidly consumed when drinking alcohol. One of the factors in creating glutathione is cysteine; think of cysteine as the flour in baking bread, its required! Thus, in order to formulate the best cure for a hangover, you must supply cysteine. PRE|GAME takes this one step further by providing:

1)    L-Cysteine,
2)    SAMe (s-adenosyl-methionine), and
3)    Choline

These supplements work together as one to aid the cysteine cycle, thereby elevating the levels of glutathione to neutralize acetaldehyde.

The second issue in creating the best cure for hangover is providing hydration! Alcohol is a problematic substance, essentially tricking your body into purging all liquids. PRE|GAME targets this by hydrating your body with essential electrolytes, specifically:

1)    Sodium,
2)    Potassium,
3)    Calcium, and
4)    Magnesium

For the best cure for a hangover, electrolytes are a requirement in order to wake up feeling energized the next morning. This is especially valid, considering many Americans don’t drink enough H20 as is, so don’t forget to get your 6-8 glasses of water every day! (And soda doesn’t count!)

Lastly, your body is forced into hyper-drive when drinking, working spastically to battle the alcohol. During this period, many necessary vitamins and minerals are depleted at a rapid rate. Thus, just as the best cure for a hangover should, PRE|GAME supplies an extra serving of necessary vitamins and minerals such as:

1)    Vitamin Bs,
2)    Vitamin D, and
3)    Vitamin C

So is this the best cure for a hangover? Well… just as there is no cure to the everyday cold, there is no cure for hangover. Hangover isn’t a disease or infection that can be cured; rather it is a series of symptoms that we call a hangover. PRE|GAME focuses on three key causes of hangover: elevated toxicity, dehydration, and nutrient deficiency. While there may not be a cure for a hangover, you can provide your body the weapons to fight off the symptoms. PRE|GAME focuses on these three areas by supplying anti-oxidants, electrolytes, and supplementing needed vitamins and nutrients.

So call it whatever you desire, the best cure for a hangover, remedy for a hangover, or anti-hangover potion, if you need to give your body a chance at fighting off the effects of hangover, and load yourself the energy to start your night, buy PRE|GAME today, the anti-hangover energy shot!

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PRE|GAME is the ultimate anti-hangover product on the market, packed with anti-oxidants, electrolytes, and essential vitamins. So, start your night right with PRE|GAME!

DIRECTIONS: To get ready for a night out, take 1-2 shots of PRE|GAME before or during drinking. To recover from an existing hangover, take PRE|GAME immediately! Please drink responsibly. Results may vary.

RECOMMENDED USE: Do not consume more than 3 shots in a 24 hour period. Consult a physician prior to consumption if you are currently taking any medications.

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