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You’re probably thinking two questions right now: “How to help a hangover,” and “Is it possible?” Are we right? Of course we’re right!

The answer to the latter is yes, while the first question requires a bit more explanation.
How to help a hangover is one question that plagues thousands, if not millions of Americans. The first thing you need to ask yourself in answering, How to help a hangover, is what is a hangover? Well, according to Merriman-Webster, hangover is a

“disagreeable physical effects (as headache or nausea) following heavy consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs.”

I think we can speak for everyone in saying we knew that much. Basically, a hangover is a collection of symptoms (aches, pains, soreness, headache, nausea, dry mouth, etc.) that we refer to as hangover.
In particular, our research has shown that there are three main causes of these symptoms:

1)    Increased Toxicity,
2)    Dehydration, and
3)    Nutrient Depletion

In order to fight off these three problems PRE|GAME takes a unique approach, prevent them. Much like the sprinklers in a building prevent a fire before it gets out of hand; PRE|GAME provides three essential groups of supplements to fend off these issues:

1)    Anti-Oxidants,
2)    Electrolytes, and
3)    Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

In doing this, PRE|GAME gives your body the tools necessary to fight of a hangover. Thus our answer to, How to help a hangover is to prevent it!

To elaborate a bit more, there are several key ingredients to help help a hangover. Number one, are anti-oxidants and anti-oxidant precursors such as vitamin C, l-cysteine, and SAMe. These supplements are essential in the process of creating the all-powerful glutathione, a naturally occurring anti-oxidant, created by your very own body. The problem, however, is that your body can’t create enough to fight off the increased consumption of alcohol without supplementation.

The second key group of ingredients is electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium. If you want answer how to help a hangover, you must remain hydrated! Electrolytes, such as those found in popular sport drinks, help your body maintain hydration levels during times of lost fluids. Drinking alcohol is one of those times, as alcohol acts as a diuretic in that is causes your body to pass fluids rapidly. In addition, we recommend that you are sure to drink the standard 6-8 glasses of water a day!

Lastly, in order to help a hangover, you must replenish essential nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin D. Many of these are consumed by your body when drinking alcohol, thus it’s important to supplement them during these times.

So call it whatever you want, a “hangover cure," a ” hangover remedy,” or an “anti-hangover potion,” if you want answer how to help a hangover and give your body a chance at fighting off the effects of hangover as well as give yourself the energy to get your night started, buy PRE|GAME today, the anti-hangover energy shot!

PRE|GAME is the ultimate anti-hangover product on the market, packed with anti-oxidants, electrolytes, and essential vitamins. So, start your night right with PRE|GAME!

DIRECTIONS: To get ready for a night out, take 1-2 shots of PRE|GAME before or during drinking. To recover from an existing hangover, take PRE|GAME immediately! Please drink responsibly. Results may vary.

RECOMMENDED USE: Do not consume more than 3 shots in a 24 hour period. Consult a physician prior to consumption if you are currently taking any medications.

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